Research Call

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Feasibility Study: Tidal Sector Service Barge/Drydock

Deadline: Monday March 5, 2018; 4:00 pm AST


The Nova Scotia Department of Energy (DOE) is committed to the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s tidal energy potential to the benefit of all its citizens. Both the provincial and federal governments have in the past and continue to make research and infrastructure investments to ensure the economic benefits of this emerging industry will be captured by Nova Scotia’s technology and service providers.

Marine operational experience in the Bay of Fundy and elsewhere in the world has highlighted the difficulties and elevated costs associated with vessel operations in high flow environments. The recent Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) Infrastructure Assessment Update report suggests that a large, shared use submersible barge/drydock for turbine transport from the manufacturing site in Nova Scotia, and possibly deployment/retrieval might reduce operational costs, leading to more rapid tidal project implementation. A common use barge shared by different project developers for turbine transport may provide other services as well, such as facilitating device inspections and cable connections, and might possibly be useful to other marine industries (e.g., aquaculture).

The contracting organization for this request for proposal (RFP) is the Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA). OERA leads energy-related research projects that enable the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s offshore energy resources through strategic partnerships with academia, government and industry.

The objective of this study is to determine if there is an economic justification to proceed with the detailed design and build of a common use tidal deployment and retrieval barge/drydock. To achieve this objective, two primary tasks will be undertaken:

1) Determine the barge basic design and essential operational features that would result in cost savings to the different technology developers and other non-tidal marine operators; and
2) Describe (on a conceptual level) the ownership, operating modes and order-of-magnitude cost (design/construction) of such a barge.

The following timelines for the project are provided for guidance and are subject to change.

a)    RFP release date:                            Tuesday February 6 2018

b)    Proposal due date:                          Monday March 5, 4 pm (Atlantic)

c)    Consultant selection:                       Within two weeks of due date

d)    Project kickoff:                                 Mid to late March 2018

e)    Project completion:                         June 30, 2018


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Rodrigo Menafra, Research Manager
Offshore Energy Research Association


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