Press Release: Research Investments in Nova Scotia In-Stream Tidal Technology Research

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November 9, 2017


(Ottawa, ON) – As Canada continues to move towards a low-carbon economy, renewable energy sources such as tidal and wave energy will play an increasingly important role in powering our cities, transportation and industries.  With the world’s longest marine coast and one of the largest fresh water supplies, Canada has a major opportunity to create new jobs and economic growth by capturing the power of our marine and fresh water resources in an environmentally sustainable way.

The Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA) today announced funding of $1.25 million in support of five collaborative research projects to address knowledge gaps and challenges associated with tidal energy development in Canada.  The funding includes $1 million from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and OERA each contributing $125,000.   The projects were funded under the … Read More »

Seeking Candidates – Board of Directors

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Independent Director Sought – October 16, 2014

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA) is an independent, contract research not-for-profit corporation dedicated to leading energy research initiatives, enabling the sustainable development of Nova Scotia energy resources through strategic partnerships with academia, government and industry. OERA’s members are Acadia University, St. Francis Xavier University, Cape Breton University, Saint Mary’s University, Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

Nova Scotia’s offshore energy potential is world-class.  OERA’s role is vital in ensuring that Nova Scotia’s emerging marine energy sectors are developed responsibly and sustainably.  OERA leads research to address critical gaps in environmental, marine renewable and offshore geoscience research and invests in high-impact research that moves Nova Scotia’s offshore and marine renewable energy sectors forward.  OERA’s purpose is to reduce the risks related to energy sector investments in Nova Scotia’s … Read More »

Invitation for Expressions of Interest: Assessment of the economic value of the tidal industry

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PRESS RELEASE – October 7, 2013

HALIFAX, NS – OERA is inviting submissions of Expressions of Interest (EOI) as a first step, followed by a request for detailed proposals from qualified applicants – to provide a comprehensive assessment of the value proposition and potential economic value of tidal power development to Nova Scotia, the Atlantic region and Canada.   The value proposition will serve to provide governments and the private sector with a well-informed assessment of the potential economic impacts and broader benefits using three different development scenarios (ie. low, medium and high potential), and how this industry might evolve over the next 25 years.

OERA expects the proposed value proposition will highlight the strengths of Nova Scotia’s and Canada’s ocean technology sectors and their competitive positioning within the industry; and provide recommendations how those industries can continue to thrive and grow. Because … Read More »

OERA Student Research Travel Program

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Press Release – July 18, 2013

HALIFAX, NS – Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA) is pleased to announce that the Student Research Travel Program is now open for its September 2013 round of applications.  The program is available to full-time senior honours & graduate students conducting thesis research at a Nova Scotia based university and undertaking research in marine renewable energy or geosciences.

The objective of the program is aimed at cultivating collaborations between Nova Scotia researchers and Canadian and international research facilities or laboratories which contribute to the advancement of the offshore energy sector in Nova Scotia.

The first round of applications from January 2013 saw students attend various universities including the University of Helsinki, University of West Indies, University of Edinburgh and the University of Tasmania.  Students were awarded travel funds ranging from $2,000 to $3,700 each, to support student research … Read More »