Development of Acoustic Doppler Aquatic Animal Monitoring (ADAAM) for application to marine life movement in high-energy tidal channels

Principal Investigators:

Greg Trowse, Luna Ocean Consulting Ltd.

Start Date: March 2018

End Date: February 2020

Acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCPs) are a standard tool used for measuring ocean currents. Acoustic pulses are transmitted from up to 5 beams (each with different orientation) and the doppler shift of the backscatter return is used to calculate the current flow velocities.  Each beam can also be used as a separate ‘fish-finder’, however, the signals from fish are typically treated as noise.  Research to date has shown these rejected noise signals contain valuable biological data.  The ADAAM project will test and validate the use of ADCPs as a new tool to detect and monitor fish.

Research plans are to co-locate an ADCP with a split-beam sonar and optical video system and test in Grand Passage and Petit Passage to monitor and collect data (swim velocity, counts, and ID) on different marine life.  The team will also develop new software for use by academics and industry that will enable processing of new and existing ADCP data to detect species presence.