Environmental Effects Monitoring Project

Project Lead: FORCE

For the past eight years, environmental monitoring has been ongoing at the FORCE tidal energy demonstration site in Minas Passage. The majority of research has been focused on collecting background data, rather than assessing the effects of operating turbines. With the upcoming deployment of cable-connected turbines, FORCE developed an updated Environmental Effects Monitoring Program (EEMP) that will study five major subject areas: fish, marine mammals, lobster, marine noise, and seabirds. OERA is contributing partial funding for the 2016-2017 fish and marine mammal programs.

The EEMP is designed to be adaptive in nature, and will accommodate unforeseen changes in turbine deployment schedules.  The approaches taken in the EEMP reflect the difficulties associated with working in a high energy environment using instruments originally designed for calmer waters. The program will progressively verify the environmental effects predictions that were made in the original 2009 Environmental Assessment.

Learn more at www.fundyforce.ca/environment


FORCE Marine Mammal EEMP- 1st Year (2017) Monitoring Report [PDF]