Feasibility Study: Tidal Sector Service Vessel/Dry Dock

Principal Investigators:

Rory Macdonald, Lengkeek Vessel Engineering Inc.

Start Date: April 2018

End Date: July 2018

The project will conduct a study and produce results that will address the feasibility of employing a generic, shared use, multimodal turbine transport, deployment and retrieval barge/drydock for the tidal energy industry. The study will investigate the operational requirements of tidal developers, operators, and service providers, and following the analysis of these requirements, the optimal design concepts will be determined. The study will also address design and construction options, ownership options, and the costs and risks associated with each option. Ultimately, the study will determine if there is economic justification to proceed with the design and construction of such a vessel to help promote and progress tidal energy projects in Nova Scotia.