Georges Bank Seismic Data Reprocessing

Georges Bank Seismic Data

Map by U.S. National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

In 2009, OERA carried out research for the “Processing of JEBCO Owned 2-D Seismic Reflection Data Over the Georges Bank, Offshore Nova Scotia” and “Interpretation of 2-D Seismic Reflection Data, Petroleum Play & Prospect Identification and Resource Assessment of the Georges Bank, Offshore Nova Scotia”.

The project involved transcribing over 5,000 (9-track) field tapes into trace sequential format, reprocessing and analysing this data to generate a modern assessment of the petroleum potential in the area. The reprocessing has provided better imaging of stratigraphic and structural features (eg. around faults and salt structures) by:

  1. increasing signal to noise ratio;
  2. improving coherency and continuity of reflectors; and
  3. migrating dipping reflectors to their proper 2-D location.

The final report “An Assessment of Existing and Emerging Technologies and Mitigative Measures – Focuses on Georges Bank” was submitted to the Province of Nova Scotia in June 2010.