Integrated active and passive acoustic system for environmental monitoring (ISEM)

Principal Investigators:

Carys Burgess, Emera Inc.

Start Date: August 2015

End Date: March 2019

The ISEM project team will develop a novel environmental monitoring system that integrates data analysis software and active and passive acoustic sensors to provide real time tracking of fish and marine mammals in high energy sites.  The monitoring system will incorporate two different sensors; the Tritech Gemini Imaging sonar (active acoustic) and the Ocean Sonics IcListen smart hydrophone (passive acoustic).  As part of the research, the sensors will be positioned on the Open Hydro turbine and a data interface will be created to allow data from each sensor to be combined into an integrated fish and marine mammal data set.  Tritech’s tracking software will be further developed to interpret the data with the goal to improve real-time detection, classification, localization and tracking of marine life in high energy sites like the Bay of Fundy.