Preparation of a Strategic Environmental Assessment Background Report

As a first step to developing a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), a Background Report is initiated and must pull together information on the existing environment, socio-economic context, marine renewable technologies, potential interactions and to identify data and information gaps.

The report is intended to help inform ongoing discussions through the SEA process, leading to the development of recommendations to address the following key questions:

  1. Can marine renewable energy technologies, and specifically tidal in-stream technologies, be developed without significant impacts on the marine ecosystem?
  2. Can these technologies be developed without significant socio-economic impacts on fishers and the fisheries and on other marine and coastal resource users?
  3. What contribution can marine renewable energy technologies make to community and regional economic development in Nova Scotia?
  4. Under what conditions should pilot projects be permitted?
  5. What ongoing research and monitoring is required to gather the information needed to make decisions about commercial developments?
  6. What other steps are quired to determine whether, where and how commercial projects should be developed, regulated and managed?

A copy of the Phase I SEA Background Report for the Bay of Fundy can be found here.

A copy of the Phase II SEA Background Report for the Cape Breton Region can be found here along with a podcast from Executive Director, Stephen Dempsey, on CBC Radio Information Morning.