Bay of Fundy SEA Update – Participation Support Fund

OERA has established the Participation Support Fund (PSF) to assist community based groups and not-for-profit organizations in the Bay of Fundy region to get involved in the Bay of Fundy Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Update.  The purpose of the PSF is to provide modest one time grants to community based groups and not-for-profit organizations in the Bay of Fundy region to undertake small research initiatives or seek expertise assistance to make technical submissions to the SEA process. Applicants must demonstrate that funds will enable them to add information or a particular perspective to the Bay of Fundy SEA process that would otherwise not be available and will bring added value to the assessment.

OERA is inviting community based groups and not-for-profit organizations in the Bay of Fundy region to apply to the SEA PSF.  Proposals will be accepted in two categories, namely:

  • Initiatives that will bring new information to the SEA process through small locally-based research projects (maximum award $3,000).
  • Initiatives that will bring views and ideas to the SEA process from stakeholders who might otherwise not participate (maximum award of $500).

This will be a single round competitive process whereby all (qualified) submissions will be reviewed and evaluated at arm’s length by an independent committee and administered through OERA.  The independent committee will make its selection and recommendations to OERA for funding consideration.  Available funds under the PSF are set at a maximum of $10,000.

Complete details on the Bay of Fundy SEA PSF can be downloaded below:

Bay of Fundy SEA Update Participation Support Fund – Application Information

Deadline for PSF Applications:

4:00 pm, (AST), Friday, 23 August 2013  (Bay of Fundy SEA PSF Application is now closed)

Please submit your proposal application electronically (in PDF and MS Word formats) to the following secure FTP site:

OERA will host a Question & Answer section on its website regarding the PSF application, where any/all questions will be posted anonymously along with answers and additional comments.  The Q&A section will open immediately following the release of this application.

All applicants will be advised via e-mail on the status of their proposal (award or decline) following completion of the evaluation process.  Projects awarded under the Bay of Fundy SEA Update PSF will be due to OERA on October 15, 2013.

For further information on this application and process please contact:

Mr. Russell Dmytriw
AECOM Canada
1701 Hollis Street
Halifax, NS B3J 2R8
Tel: 902-428-2029