Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Studies

The 2008 Fundy Tidal Energy Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) recommended that the Province of Nova Scotia ensure that a Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study (MEKS) is carried out before marine renewable energy projects proceed in the Bay of Fundy. In August 2009, OERA awarded a contract to Membertou Geomatics Consultants, to conduct a MEKS on the Minas Channel area of the Bay of Fundy. This study was completed in fall 2009, and is a comprehensive body of knowledge that documents the collective ecological knowledge held by the Mi’kmaq people.

The Province of Nova Scotia has identified the need for a Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study Phase II for potential marine renewable energy development in the Brier and Long Islands area of the Bay of Fundy, including Grand Passage and Petite Passage, to build upon the 2009 MEKS to ensure that Mi’kmaq use of the land and resources are identified and considered.