SEA Phase II – Bay of Fundy Update

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy commissioned OERA to update the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of marine renewable energy in the Bay of Fundy, with an emphasis on tidal in‐stream turbines. The Department of Energy’s policies state that the SEA must be completed before in‐stream tidal demonstration projects are allowed to enter the water, and that commercial projects will only be allowed after a demonstration project has shown that the technology can be successful in the marine environment and can meet all environmental requirements.

The initial SEA for the Bay of Fundy was completed in 2008.  Since that time, the tidal energy industry has evolved considerably in the Bay of Fundy; technologies have changed, new legislation has been tabled, resource estimates have been updated, environment effects monitoring programs have been completed or are ongoing, and community understanding and opinions regarding the social, economic and environmental effects from tidal energy have changed.

The SEA Update, consisting of the Background Report and Community Consultation Summary, will describe the current state of knowledge regarding the tidal energy industry and summarize stakeholder public opinion and views concerning the social, economic, and environmental issues related to commercial tidal development in the Bay of Fundy region. OERA engaged Halifax-based AECOM to complete the SEA Update.

The SEA Update was completed in two parts:

  • The Background Study (Part A), profiles the currect state of MRE sector, as well as the biophysical and socio-economic environment in relation to tidal development.
  • The Community Reponse Report (Part B), profiles the findings of the community engagement process bringing togeether residents, Mi’kmaq communities, marine users, and other local organizations to build understanding on the potential of tidal development in the region and to chronicle their perspectives, ideas and concerns regarding tidal.

The SEA reports are available to the public to help elicit recommendations, and inform decision and policy making. The goal is to ensure the responsible development of tidal energy in the Bay of Fundy region. To view the Bay of Fundy SEA Update, please see below.