Stakeholder Roundtable

The Cape Breton Coastal Region inclusive of the Bras d’Or Lakes Community Engagement process includes a Cape Breton Coastal Region Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Stakeholder Roundtable. The Role of the Stakeholder Roundtable is to:

• Become familiar with the Background Study
• Provide advice and guidance on the overall SEA process
• Offer opinions on collected data and information
• Review interim and draft final reports
• Provide feedback regarding a list of potential SEA recommendations

The SEA process provides an opportunity for community groups, residents, municipalities, Mi’kmaq communities, not-for profits and other interested parties to influence decisions relating to project planning, policies, regulation and management.

A wide range of volunteer representation from both the private and public sectors were selected to participate on the SEA Stakeholder Roundtable including:

• Mi’kmaq communities
• Municipal Governments
• Fishers Organizations
• Environmental & Non-Governmental Organizations
• Community Economic Development Groups
• Tourism
• Tidal energy developers & suppliers
• Academia
• Industry associations
• Members-At-Large


Criteria for membership included:

• support in good faith to the objectives of the SEA process
• ability to bring to the Roundtable, information and opinions from the sector represented
• flexibility to attend all or most of the meetings
• ability to review and comment on the Background Report

Fourteen volunteer Roundtable members were selected by the project team on behalf of OERA. An introductory meeting was held on May 23, 2013. The following people have agreed to form the Stakeholder Roundtable:

Keith MacCuspic, Victoria County Council
• CB Regional Municipality Councilor (Representative TBD)
• Dana Morin, Fundy Tidal Inc.
• Donald Humphrey, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
• Alan Howell, Nova Scotia Department of Energy
• Tom Gunn, NSCC Strait Highlands
• Shelly Denny, Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources
• Kerry Prosper, Paq’tnkek First Nations Councilor
• Robin Stuart, Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia
• Randy Pointkonski, Cape Breton Capital Venture / Grand Narrows Waterfront
• Mary Tulle, Destination Cape Breton
• Bruce Hatcher, Bras d’Or Institute for Ecosystem Research Cape Breton
• Susan King, Atlantic Coastal Action Plan Cape Breton
• Pat Bates, Bras d’Or Lakes Stewardship

Meeting Information

The Stakeholders Roundtable meet at various times during the project, and the outcomes from the meetings are as follows: