Going with the Flow: Advancement of Drifting Platforms for use in Tidal Energy Site Assessment & Environmental Monitoring

Principal Investigators:

Gregory Trowse, Fundy Tidal Inc;, Dr. Alex Hay, Dalhousie University, Richard Cheel, Dalhousie University, Anne Lombardi, Dalhousie University, Walter Judge, Dalhousie University, Dr. Richard Karsten, Acadia University and Thomas Roc Acadia University

Start Date: April 2015

End Date: August 2017

This research project aims to apply a simple and low cost philosophy to ocean observation by developing an inexpensive low-profile surface drifter for use in initial assessment of potential tidal energy development opportunities.  The project will address limitations in the existing drifter design by increasing functionality and making them useful at larger scale sites.  Drifter development will include adapting the platform to increase payload capacity enabling the drifters to carry a tracking device and larger instrument such as an ADCP or passive acoustic hydrophone.  Proof of concept testing will be carried out in the Digby, NS region.  In addition to sensor development, research will be conducted to advance data processing and assessment technique.


Final Report [PDF]