Developing Enhanced Marine Operations (DEMO) in High Flow Tidal Environments

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Etienne Mfoumou, Nova Scotia Community College; DSA, Dominion Diving and AML Oceanographic

Start Date: October 2017

End Date: October 2019

Conventional submarine remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) perform poorly in currents exceeding 1.5 m/s. This is a key operating limitation in the success (and cost) of marine operations in the Bay of Fundy where current speeds reach 5 m/s. The DEMO project proposes to enhance ROV operational capacity and efficiency through an ROV operational constraints analysis and technological upgrade. This NSCC-led project, in association with Dominion Diving, DSA and AML Oceanographic, will build on recent simulations of ROV thruster requirements needed for maneuvers in the Bay of Fundy to gain a better understanding of the ROV deployment limits. The project will address premobilization and mobilization challenges associated with upgraded Saab Seaeye Cougar XT 1420 ROV configurations, with the purpose of collecting field data at the FORCE site for the validation of numerical models. This will enable a dramatic increase of ROV deployment yields and ultimately, a significant reduction in turbine installation and maintenance costs. Developing such new solutions for operations in tidal environments is therefore critical to cost reduction, operational safety, and the overall advancement of the sector.