Cetacean Activity Patterns Pre/Post TISEC devices in Minas Passage

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Dominic Tollit, SMRU Ltd. and Dr. Anna Redden, Acadia University

Start Date: June 2011

End Date: July 2013

This project aims to conduct pre- and post-TISEC device deployment assessments of marine mammal activity and to assess the potential risk for interaction with turbine infrastructure.  The aim is to collect a baseline data set for the most abundant marine mammals (primarily harbour porpoise) in Minas Passage using passive acoustic monitoring technology, moored at selected sites from spring to fall during both 2011 and 2012.  Temporal and spatial patterns of activity in the Minas Passage will be described and integrated with information on activity levels and behaviour change following turbine deployments.  A copy of the final report will be made available once the project is complete.