Seasonal Erodibility of Sediment in the Upper Bay of Fundy

Principal Investigators:

Brent Law, Tim Milligan, and Gary Bugden, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Dr. Paul Hill, Dalhousie University

Start Date: February 2012

End Date: January 2015

This project developed methods for studying sedimentation to the macrotidal flats of the upper Bay of Fundy.  Specifically, the project looks at seasonal variation in the erodibility of sediments in tidal creeks and flats using a Gust Erosion Chamber and repeated grain size surveys.  This effort provided data on key parameters for sediment transport modeling, including erosion rate, critical erosion shear stress values, and mass eroded.  In addition, measurements of in-situ particle size distribution, waves and currents were made.  The work on the tidal flats has been linked to the sediment dynamics of the Minas Basin through the use of satellite imagery and Doppler current profilers ground truthed with direct measurements of suspended sediment concentration.  This work will contribute to the growing database on sediment dynamics that is essential for proper impact assessment of TISEC in the Upper Bay of Fundy.  In a broader sense, this work improves the predictive capacity of sediment transport models designed for management of coastal zones locally, nationally and internationally.