MRE Infrastructure Assessment

Principal Investigator:

Steve DeBelie, Allswater; Mairead Atcheson & George Gibberd, Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers; and Vincent Cliquet & Antoine Henry, INNOSEA

Start Date:  May 2016

End Date:   August 2016

This project builds upon a 2011 study commissioned by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy entitled “Marine Renewable Energy Infrastructure Assessment”.  In the 2011 study, a review of the MRE infrastructure present in the Bay of Fundy was conducted.  The study also identified potential areas of improvement in existing infrastructure that would increase the province’s MRE industry capabilities.  However, new projects in the Bay of Fundy are employing different technologies than those considered in 2011, warranting an updated study.

This 3-month long project reviewed the 2011 study to identify where there have been significant changes in infrastructure demands.  The study team investigated the developers’ identified port infrastructure requirements through an assessment of the projected long-term manufacturing infrastructure needs, the importance of proximity of port infrastructure, and the relative importance of water depth at low tide.  A review of port infrastructure in other jurisdictions was also conducted to reveal potential lessons for Nova Scotian infrastructure.