On-line Interactive GIS Map Platform: An Enabling Initiative for the Emerging Tidal Energy Industry

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Anna Redden, Dr. Richard Karsten & Meghan Swanburg, Acadia University, Joel Culina, Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) and Bob Covill, TekMap Consulting

Start Date: April 2015

End Date: April 2016

A proof-of-concept Geographic Information System (GIS) platform was developed aiming at building a decision-making tool that integrates complex spatial information of importance to the tidal energy industry while also being scalable, flexible and accessible.  The platform was built on open source software and uses the industry standard for communicating spatial data.  The current version of the platform integrates high-resolution numerical models of the hydrodynamics in the FORCE and Digby regions and displays several other physical and environmental layers with the ability to query and highlight regions of particular interest such as high tidal power density and minimal turbulence areas.  This project will require the completion of the development of the interactive map platform with needed features, entry of all accessible non-proprietary data and information of relevance, followed by training, public promotion and online availability.  This tool will provide timely and transparent access to critical information and datasets essential for turbine and site developers, supply chain companies, municipalities, policy makers, regulators, scientists, engineers and communities and will serve to build confidence and support in both the business and public sectors.


Nova Scotia Tidal Energy Atlas: An Enabling Initiative for the Emerging Tidal Energy Industry [PDF]


Nova Scotia Tidal Energy Atlas