Community and Business Toolkit for Tidal Energy Development

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Shelley MacDougall and Dr. John Colton, Acadia University

Start Date: November 2011

End Date: March 2013

The Toolkit is, to date, the only document of its kind being developed in Canada. The Toolkit provides a comprehensive overview of tidal energy development. The Toolkit covers the science, technology, business and community aspects of tidal energy development in Nova Scotia, effectively integrating the applied, natural and social sciences. The Toolkit can serve as a model for future applied interdisciplinary work on tidal energy and marine renewables.

The Toolkit provides objective information and research on the opportunities and challenges associated with tidal energy. The objectivity of the Toolkit will help to support the credibility of the emerging tidal energy industry.

The Toolkit contains summary and in-depth information, including guidelines and advice, marine renewable legislation, resource data and maps, provincial and national regulations and checklists, and other materials. The toolkit can assist companies (new and existing), municipalities and the service sector to more effectively take up the ComFIT (and FIT when established) and energy resource opportunities, while responsibly harvesting tidal energy resources.


Community and Business Toolkit for Tidal Energy Development – Final Report

Community and Business Toolkit Guide