Marine Renewable Energy Legislation – A Consultative Process

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Robert Fournier, Dalhousie University

Start Date: September 2010

End Date: March 2011

Using existing information from a Background Report that was written in response to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Bay of Fundy which described the different technologies, assembled base­line information about the region, and explained how marine renewable energy developments might interact with both the biophysical and socioeconomic environment. The Background Report also identified informa­tion gaps and suggested how they should be filled.

Using the findings of the Background Report together with input from the SEA Stakeholder Roundtable and the public, and ideas brought forward through the Participation Support funding process, OERA made 29 recommendations to guide a strategic approach to the development of marine renewable en­ergy in the Bay of Fundy.

One of the OERA recommendations was, before large-scale commercial development proceeds, the Province of Nova Scotia enact legislation respecting the renewable energy resources in the Bay of Fundy. The Nova Scotia Department of Energy is in the process of creating a consultation paper focusing on Marine Renewable Energy Legislation.