Small Scale In-Stream Tidal

Principal Investigator:

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Start Date: July 2011

End Date: September 2011

OERA has completed a gap analysis for small scale in-stream tidal technology. The project addresses key components such as device demonstration sites and facilities, assessment of the state of the technology for device efficiency, and assessment of the environmental impacts associated with these devices. Phase I of this work, the analysis stage, was to identify gaps in knowledge to further advance small scale tidal in-stream technology design, and identify key components that need to be addressed.

On July 7 & 8, 2011, the Department of Energy held a two-day Tidal Symposium in conjunction with the New England Governors and Eastern Atlantic Premiers’ Conference to provide a “working symposium” where key players in the sector collaborated, shared information and discussed future opportunities for moving the industry forward.  Attendance drew from amongst a broad range of groups interested in tidal energy, representing Canada, New England, the United Kingdom, and Korea. As part of the symposium, OETR Association contracted Stantec Limited to facilitate a small scale in-stream tidal workshop and develop a report of its outcomes. The full report, including findings on the gaps/barriers and recommendations resulting from the workshop, can be found below.

The workshop served to support phase I of the project, the gap analysis for small scale in-stream tidal technology, whereby the findings will be used to guide the development of phase II of the project.