Researching Tidal Energy – Marine Life: the Nova Scotia Experience

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Graham R. Daborn, Fundy Environmental & Educational Consultants

Start Date:October 2015

End Date: May 2016

In late 2015, OERA commissioned Acadia professor emeritus Dr. Graham Daborn to report on the extensive tidal energy-related research that has been undertaken in the Bay of Fundy over the past ten years.  The report entitled Researching Tidal Energy – Marine Life: The Nova Scotia Experience lists the key research projects and offers a high level assessment of the environmental studies and regulatory initiatives that have contributed to the development of the sector over recent years.  The important findings of a decade of research on the marine environment are described by subject, and the significance of the results in light of current tidal turbine deployment plans is highlighted. The report concludes with an overview of the remaining challenges and knowledge gaps and proposes research programs to address these challenges.  The report underlines past, on-going and future work necessary to maintain public confidence in the sector and enable its continued and responsible growth.