Ben Buckwold, Bicycle Nova Scotia


Q: Please tell me something interesting about yourself?
I’ve moved around a lot. I’ve lived in six different cities in four different provinces and travelled to 16 different countries. It’s probably a good thing that I ended up in the sustainable transportation field!

Q: What drew you to the energy sector and sustainable transportation?
Transportation is among the most important factors that shape of our communities. We are in the midst of some major challenges, opportunities and changes right now and it is very interesting to be part of how that transformation plays out in Nova Scotia.

Q: If there was one thing you’d want people to understand about your work, what would it be?
That cycling is not just a niche market or subculture phenomenon within our transportation systems.

Q: What makes a ‘smart community’ smart?
A smart community has a smart community plan with integrated development strategies and an organizational structure designed to enable collaboration.

Q: What would your colleagues say is the most interesting aspect of your upcoming presentation?
The Blue Route is a great story of Nova Scotia taking a progressive approach to active transportation planning and economic development. We are striving to be only the second jurisdiction in North America to create a fully connected regional cycling network.

Q: Why should someone attend your presentation?
To learn about the significant role cycling is playing in the implementation of Nova Scotia’s sustainable transportation strategy.