Nick Fyffe, Cape Sharp Tidal


Q: Please tell me something interesting about yourself? 
I once played a gig at the Cavern Club in Liverpool (of Beatles fame).

 Q: What drew you to the tidal energy industry?
A chance to be part of a new, emerging industry that could revolutionise the way we obtain our electricity.

Q: Why will tidal energy succeed in Nova Scotia, Canada and Internationally?
Because it’s predictable, invisible and silent.

Q: If there was one thing you’d want people to understand about your research, what would it be?
It’s all about gaining a better understanding of the environment in which we will be deploying turbines and addressing concerns people may have about how the turbines will affect the environment.

Q: What would your colleagues say will be the most interesting point from your presentation?
The most interesting point is how we are integrating multiple data streams to more easily identify marine life in the Minas Passage.

Q: Why should someone attend your presentation?
It will provide insight into the type of opportunities available for small, medium and large enterprises in Nova Scotia to work on cutting edge, international collaborative projects.