Paul Barnes, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers


Q: Please tell me something interesting about yourself?
I am the chairman of the Canadian Environmental Studies Research Fund Management Board and sit on the Science and Technology advisory committee of Canada’s High Arctic Research Station.

Q: Why is safety and/or environmental stewardship important in our energy mix?
Exploring for, developing and producing oil and gas safely and responsibly is our first priority. Our safety and environmental record is most important to the communities where we work and operate and we owe it to these communities to protect our workers and the environment.

Q: If there was one thing you’d want people to understand about your research, what would it be?
The offshore industry has been focused on learning more about the harsh environment we are working in and using that information to improve the way we do business – including keeping workers safe and protecting the environment. Atlantic Canada has become a leader in this area and we are now sharing our learnings with the global industry.

Q: What will be the most important take away from your presentation?
With oil and gas activity moving to more remote locations and harsher climates, innovative solutions will be required to overcome the challenges of such operating environments.

Q: What will be the most surprising aspect of your presentation?
The amount and nature of the research being conducted in Atlantic Canada related to offshore oil and gas.

Q: Why should someone attend your presentation?
To learn more about how the industry is adapting its capabilities to ensure the safe and responsible development of oil and gas resources in more remote locations and harsher environments.