Student Poster Presentations

Each R&D Forum, we invite students to attend and bring poster presentations highlighting their energy-related research to share with Forum participants. This year an incredibly positive response was received surrounding the presentations. Thirty-three high calibre posters were presented by students from academic affiliations across the province. Below you will find the student names of those that presented this year, along with a link to their presentation abstract and a pdf. of their poster presentation (name links to abstract and title links to poster).

Each student gave a presentation to a panel of judges and Forum participants. A prize was awarded for the best student poster in each of the four energy-related research categories listed below. The quality of research and professionalism demonstrated by all students was exceptional – this is very encouraging as this next generation of energy reformers rise up.

We are pleased that students were such a significant part of the Forum this year, with ~60 in attendance.

Offshore/Onshore Geoscience

(For example, play fairway analysis, offshore and onshore oil and gas, geological storage of carbon dioxide, data processing, etc.)

Marine Renewable Energy

(For example, tidal, wave, offshore wind, etc.)


(For example, strategic environmental assessments, site specific environmental assessments, environmental effects of exploration, etc.)

Alternative Energy & Sustainability

(For example, onshore wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, hydrogen, smart grid technology, carbon capture and storage, etc.)