2014 Student Poster Presentations

NSER&D_Tagline_2014OERA is pleased to announce that the student poster presentation segment of the Nova Scotia Energy R&D Conference is back as one of the highlights of this two day international event. OERA in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy will be hosting the 6th bi-annual Nova Scotia R&D Conference on May 21 & 22, 2014 at the Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre. The call for research poster presentations is open to students, faculty and researchers conducting studies in offshore/onshore oil & gas, marine renewable energy, environment or alternative energy & sustainability.  The audience for the Conference is expected to be a mix of academic, government and industry energy researchers.  Posters will be on display for all Conference delegates to view over the full two days of the Conference.

Student Research Poster Competition  (Sponsored by Stantec)

Student Poster_WebsiteThis Call for Research Poster Presentations is open to students, faculty and researchers conducting studies in Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas, Marine Renewable Energy, Environment or Alternative Energy & Sustainability.

While all research posters will be on display, only student posters will be reviewed by a panel of judges and included in the competition. Students will be asked to give a 2 to 3 minute presentation on their research on the evening of May 21st between 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. and may be asked questions by the judges.  A $500 prize will be awarded for the best student research poster in each of the following categories:

  • Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas (For example, geoscience, engineering, safety, carbon capture, data processing, etc.)
  • Marine Renewable Energy (For example, tidal, wave, offshore wind, etc.)
  • Environment (For example, strategic environmental assessments, site specific environmental assessments, environmental effects of exploration, etc.)
  • Alternative Energy & Sustainability (For example, onshore wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, hydrogen, smart grid technology, carbon capture and storage, etc.)

The four students who have the highest scores in the areas above will be asked to return on May 22nd to provide a 5-7 minute presentation to the delegates of the conference at 12:00 pm and receive their award.

Deadline for abstract submission:  NOW CLOSED.

Please visit the 2014 Student Poster Presentation Guideline for more information or contact Nalani Perry.

We are pleased that students are such a significant part of the Nova Scotia Energy R&D Conference.  We have received ~50 student abstracts for this year as follows:

Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas  (Sponsored by JASCO Applied Sciences)

(For example, geoscience, engineering, safety, carbon capture, data processing, etc.)

Akter, GaziNSCC
SONAR Technology and Underwater Oil Spill Detection

Amadu, Mumuni, Dalhousie University
Spontaneous Imbibition Measurements to Demonstrate Wettability Change During Carbon Geosequestration in Saline Aquifers

Cormier, Luc, Dalhousie University
Study of Effectiveness of Water Flooding Patterns in Potential Offshore Nova Scotia Reservoirs Using Simulation Tools

Fatmi, Mahmudur Rahman, Dalhousie University
What Will Travelers’ Do? Short-term and Long-term Response to Gas Price Spike

Hurry, Jacquelyn, St. Francis Xavier University
Multi-gas Detectability of Fugitive Emissions at an Enhanced Oil Recovery Site

Kirincich, Kristin, St. Francis Xavier University
Facies Changes in the Upper Albion Member of the Carboniferous Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia

Mishra, Akhilesh, Memorial University
A New Approach for Robot Arm Manipulation Using Depth Cameras and Inverse Kinematics

Westhaver, Ian, Dalhousie University
Pilot Validation for Anthropometric Measures of Offshore Workers using 3-D Laser Scanning


Marine Renewable Energy

(For example, tidal, wave, offshore wind, etc.)

Ashall, Logan, Queen’s University
Intertidal Flows Over Vegetated Salt Marsh Surfaces and Drainage Channel Networks with Cohesive Sediments in a Macrotidal Basin

Bharath, Aidan, Acadia University
Tidal Energy Resource Assessment in the Grand Passage using a 3D Coastal-Ocean Model

Bowman, Wesley, Acadia University
Optimizing Power Extraction for Tidal Turbine Arrays with Python

McMillan, Justine, Dalhousie University
Turbulence Measurements in Grand Passage, Nova Scotia

Murray, R.E.; Gracie, K. , Dalhousie University
Passively Adaptive Rotor Blades for Horizontal-Axis Tidal Turbines: Blade design and baseline performance data

Nevalainen, Thomas, University of Stathclyde
Quasi Unsteady Blade Element Momentum Theory for Tidal Stream Turbines

Osbourne, Nick, Dalhousie University
Three Dimensional Simulation of Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine

Toupin, M. , University of Ottawa
Scientific Validation of Standards for Tidal Energy Resource Assessment


Environment  (Sponsored by VEMCO)

(For example, strategic environmental assessments, site specific environmental assessments, environmental effects of exploration, etc.)

Baker, Matthew, Acadia University
Monitoring Platforms for FORCE: Temporal Patterns in Fish Presence and Abundance in Minas Basin Weirs

Broome, Jeremy, Acadia University
Slipping Through the Cracks: Challenges Tracking Eels in Minas Passage, NS

Grady, Mark, Dalhousie University
Modeling the Dispersion of Hydrogen Sulphide during Instrumentation Blowdown

Keyser, Freya, Acadia University
Addressing Risks to Fish: Movements of Striped Bass in and Near a Tidal Energy Test Site

L’Esperance, Chris, Dalhousie University
A Compact, Unattended Gas Chromatographic System for the Measurement

Morrison, Kaycee, Acadia University
Lobsters under FORCE: tracking their seasonal use of the Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy 

O’Malley, Devin, Dalhousie University
Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Model Underwater Gas Blowouts

Poirier, Emma, Saint Mary’s University
Seasonal Influences on Sediment Deposition and Characteristics in a Hypertidal Salt Marsh and Tidal Creek System

Porskamp, Peter, Acadia University
Tidal Talk: Detecting Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) Click Trains in the Minas Passage

Skinner, Marc, Stantec Consulting
An Evaluation of Eelgrass Mapping Methods: Case Study from Flora Bank, British Columbia


Alternative Energy & Sustainability

(For example, onshore wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, hydrogen, smart grid technology, carbon capture and storage, etc.)

Asamany, Ebenezer, Dalhousie University
Waste Asphalt Shingles As A Supplementary Alternative Fuel for Cement Production

Cheema, Harmanver; Manpreet, Sidhu; Qabil, Shoaib, Dalhousie University
A Proposed Operating Plant Risk Profile

Desgrosseilliers, Louis, Dalhousie University
Thermodynamic Evaluation of Supercooled Season Heat Storage at Drake Landing Solar Community

Deveau, Justin; White, Chris, Dalhousie University
Formation of Lead-acid Batteries for Off-grid Solar Power Applications

Dheer, Rohin Roy, Dalhousie University
Residential Battery Energy Storage Modeling Assessment

Islam, Aminul, Saint Mary’s University
Modeling and Development of Power Management System for Solar Wind Disel Stand Alone Hybrid Energy System

Kabbara, Moe, Dalhousie University
Experimental Study Of A Coil Heat Exchanger In A Latent Heat Energy Storage System For Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating

Manchester, Sebastian, Dalhousie University
Regenerative Air Energy Storage with Waste Heat Recovery for Wind Energy Integration in NS

Namespetra, Andrew, Dalhousie University 
Perovskite Materials as Light-absorbers in Photovoltaic Devices

Nhuchhen, Daya Ram, Dalhousie University
Bio-Coal Production Using Novel Two Stage Rotary Roaster

Raut, Manoj K. , Dalhousie University
Steam Gassification of Torrefied Biomass in Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier

Sulaiman, Shakil, Dalhousie University
The Design and Implementation of a Low-cost Device for Measuring and Recording Household-Appliance Power-Consumption

Sun, Jon-Paul, Dalhousie University
Phthalimide-thiophene Small Molecules as Novel Non-Fullerene Acceptors in Organic Photovoltaics

Thomson, Allan, Dalhousie University 
Evaluation of Nova Scotia Agricultural Resources Available for Biomass Production and Utilization

Thompson, Jacob, Saint Mary’s University
Nova Scotia’s Distributed Generation Future and the East Coast Hydrogen Economy

Thykuttathil, Vijay Roy, Dalhousie University 
An Analysis of Electric Thermal Storage and Heat Pump Performance in a Variable-Electricity Supply Environment

Topple, Jessica, Dalhousie University
Recent Progress in the Hunt for Non-Fullerene Small Molecule Acceptors for Organic Photovoltaics