Data Visualization Room

NSER&D_Tagline_2014OERA and the Nova Scotia Department of Energy are pleased to be hosting the 2014 Nova Scotia Energy R&D Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia from May 21 – 22, 2014. The Nova Scotia Energy R&D Conference represents the largest and most significant event of the year for Nova Scotia’s marine renewable energy and oil & gas sectors. Held in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, the conference will focus on the theme “Energy for Change” and will utilize a format to profile “Current Knowledge – Identifying the Gaps – and the Future”.

All new this year at the Conference will be the ‘Data Visualization Room’.  The way we digest information is evolving, and for good reason.  The sheer amount of data we accumulate and compile each day is staggering.  With this kind of growth, sometimes static number of simple rundown of statistics can fall flat.  That’s why people from data scientists to artists are using visuals to relay information.

Included in the Conference Data Visualization Room will be tidal data (ranging from ADCP, bathymetry, sediment, 3D fly through and weather data from the Bay of Fundy) to geoscience data from offshore Nova Scotia featuring samples from the C-NSOPB including core, washed and unwashed cuttings and micropaleo slides.

Please stay tuned for more information as more data is compiled to display on interactive workstations and 3D projections.

For more information, please contact Nalani Perry at 902-406-7012.