OEER/OETR/FORCE Technical Information Sharing Meeting

Environmental Research and Monitoring related to Tidal Energy Development in the Fundy

The Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) and the OEER and OETR Associations jointly held an Information Sharing Meeting on January 29, 2010, at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth NS.

The objective of the Meeting was to provide an opportunity for FORCE and the OEER and OETR Associations’ funded tidal researchers to present and discuss research currently being undertaken relating to tidal energy in Nova Scotia. By providing an overview of the work underway, this should eliminate the duplication of work, thereby optimizing research collaboration.

Please click here for the meeting agenda and click here for the full meeting summary. A list of presentations from this meeting are available below for viewing or download.


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Fader, Gordon – Device Siting and Research Needs 3/24/2010 8,998.55
Dr. van Proosdij, Danika – Effects of Energy Extraction on Sediment Dynamics in Intertidal Ecosystems of the Minas Basin 3/24/2010 5,161.50
Cochrane, Norman – Investigation of Vertical Distribution, Movement & Abundance of Fish Near Tidal Turbines – ENGLISH 4/1/2010 9,078.35
Cochrane, Norman – Investigation of Vertical Distribution, Movement & Abundance of Fish Near Tidal Turbines – FRENCH 4/1/2010 9,078.51
Dr. Karsten, Richard – Assessment of the Potential of Tidal Power from Minas Passage and Minas Basin 3/18/2010 2,663.86
Dr. Sheng, Jinyu – Assessing the Far Field Effects of Tidal Power Extraction on the Bay of Fundy, Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf 3/18/2010 795.90
Smith, Peter – Impacts of tidal energy extraction on sediment dynamics in Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy, NS 3/22/2010 2,400.14
Dr. Stokesbury, Michael J.W. – 3-D Acoustic Tracking of Fish, Sediment-Laden Ice and Large Wood Debris in the Minas Passage of the Bay of Fundy 3/18/2010 1,479.93
Cornett, Andrew – Assessment of Hydrodynamic Impacts Throughout the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Main Due to Tidal Energy Extraction by Tidal Lagoons 3/18/2010 2,674.67
Stewart, Patrick – Marine Benthos & Sediments 3/18/2010 1,928.59
Collins, Norval – Lobster Effects Monitoring – Year 1 BaselineCollins Norval – Lobster Effects Monitoring – Year 1 Baseline 3/18/2010 2,274.52
Meade, Ken – EEM Challenges at Turbine Sites 3/18/2010 109.72