OERA Webinar Series – Grant Wach, Dalhousie University

July 19, 2018 
Dr. Grant Wach, Dalhousie University
“Petroleum Systems and Source Rocks of Atlantic Canada”

The research conducted at the Basin and Reservoir Lab at Dalhousie University focuses on understanding Petroleum Systems through analyses of the sequence stratigraphy, depositional environments, tectonics, geo-pressure conditions, basin modeling and the provenance of sediment in basins. Source rock is a fundamental component of petroleum systems; coupled with reservoir distribution they are the two key risk elements of the Atlantic Canada margin. Previous studies (Beicip-Franlab, 201; CNSOPB 2013) proposed a model with a regional Lower Jurassic source rock extending beyond the Sable Subbasin, with an increased potential for new oil and gas discoveries.

Our team investigated source rocks in Atlantic Canada offshore within the Triassic-Jurassic time interval. We re-evaluated existing organic geochemistry datasets and completed new analyses of selected cores and cuttings and integrated these with time-equivalent source rock outcrops in Canada and conjugate margins of Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. Our investigations of known, probable and possible source rocks in the eastern Canada offshore shelf and deepwater offshore regions and knowing how these organic-rich intervals developed and evolved through time, will contribute to mitigating drilling and production risks and may aid to identify new exploration opportunities in the Scotian Basin and conjugate margins.