Funding Mechanisms

OERA accomplishes its research objectives through a combination of research grants, contracts for services and collaborative efforts with others. These guidelines are intended to outline the manner in which research projects and programs are selected, funded and monitored, by describing the roles of various committees and individuals and the processes they use to ensure that OERA receives best value for its money.

OERA is committed to working collaboratively with organizations that have similar goals to take advantage of opportunities to share resources and create synergies and prevent redundancies through collaboration. This collaboration will include working with local, national and international organizations. Collaboration will also include efforts to encourage sharing of work and resources among universities in Nova Scotia and to the extent universities or research organizations outside the province have unique or additional resources, with other universities and research organizations as well.

For more information on our funding mechanisms, please select from the following:

If you would like to submit a proposal or require additional information, please visit our ‘how to apply’ page.