Competitive Requests for Proposals

Proposals submitted in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) must address the subject matter/theme(s) of the RFP.  Any proposal not falling within the scope of the RFP will not be considered for funding.

Proposals shall be submitted in the appropriate OERA proposal form.  Proposals must be filled in completely, providing as much information as is necessary to convey the relevance, strength and value of the Research & Development.  Proposals must meet the following submission criteria to be considered for review:

  • Received by OERA by the proposal submission deadline;
  • Submitted on an OERA proposal form;
  • Properly formatted and complete;
  • Direct application to OERA’s mandate and objectives;
  • Provide contact details of three potential reviewers who are familiar with the researcher’s previous work, as well as their ability to evaluate the research design and the expected likelihood of success;
  • Complete and clear budget information with justification for all expenditures; and
  • Complete or clear dissemination plan.

Competitive proposals received by a Program/Research Manager or OERA staff are subject to external peer review for evaluation. Proposals receiving positive evaluations are sent to the OERA Board of Directors for funding approval.

Prior to issuing an RFP OERA may publicize a notice calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested and qualified parties. The notice would contain relevant details and background on the topic of concern and respondents must provide sufficient information to enable OERA to assess the capability of the researcher(s) to undertake the required research in a competent manner. Such responses will necessarily include a general description of the research design, cost and timeline, as well as their relevant expertise.

OERA will issue an RFP to any number of responding parties that are considered to have the relevant competence and whose intended research is aligned with the specific requirements of the EOI.  Prospective proponents will be requested to submit project proposals that fulfill knowledge and capacity development needs outlined in the EOI and which are described in the RFP.

RFPs are published in the OERA website, the publications of the member organizations and other sources deemed appropriate for the scope of the research. The RFPs are announced as far in advance as possible and shall be open for no less than 30 days.

Our current funding opportunities can be found here.

For more information, please visit our ‘how to apply’ page.