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Nova Scotia Small Tidal Test Center: Establishing a Business Case

Deadline: Wednesday, October 25, 2017; 4:00 pm AST

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy (NSDOE) is committed to the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s tidal energy potential to the benefit of all its citizens.  Both the provincial and federal governments have in the past, and continue to make research and infrastructure investments to ensure the economic benefits of this emerging industry will be captured by Nova Scotia’s technology and service providers.

A preliminary review of small scale test sites elsewhere in the world suggests that few if any are open to multiple developers; most were established as test facilities on behalf of a single turbine or project developer. These sites do not have quayside and offshore infrastructure that would attract multiple project developers along with associated supporting services such as site assessment and monitoring expertise and technology, marine operations, transmission and electricity storage engineering, and related subjects. NDOE is interested in exploring a variety of small scale, tidal energy test center opportunities in Nova Scotia, with a focus on the economic benefits that might accrue from developing a small scale test facility.

Commissioned by the NSDOE and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), the OERA is seeking to contract a service provider (the Respondent) to (a) determine if there is a rationale (a practical business case) for establishing and operating a small tidal test facility in Nova Scotia, and (b) if so, to describe what form the facility might take. 

The following timelines for the project are provided for guidance and are subject to change. It is anticipated this project can be completed within 3-4 months.

a)    RFP release date:                            Wednesday, October 4, 2017

b)    Proposal due date:                           Wednesday, October 25; 4 pm (Atlantic)

c)    Consultant selection:                        Friday, November 3, 2017 

d)    Project kickoff:                                  Within 3 weeks of consultant selection

e)    Project completion:                          Target: end of February, 2018

For more information on the Request for Proposals and how to apply, please CLICK HERE for full documentation.

For inquiries, please contact:

Russell Dmytriw, Research Manager
Offshore Energy Research Association
Tel: 902-406-7010


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