Directed Research

Although much of the OERA’s research efforts are completed through a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process, the option of Directed Research is available.   Formerly known as ‘Sole Sourcing’, this option allows the OERA to direct project funding to a specific priority area, project, or service.   Prior to awarding a directed research contract, certain conditions must be met and are as follows:

  • Pre-approval by the Board; and,
  • The proposed research need is justified and endorsed by the Department; and,
  • The proposed research aligns with one of the identified priority areas; and
  • The proposed research or service to be performed is of an urgent nature where timelines cannot be accommodated with the typical RFP process; or
  • The proposed research requires access to proprietary and/or unique data that is available from a single entity only; or
  • The work is of a service/support nature rather than fundamental research.

For more information, please visit our ‘how to apply’ page.