Industry-Academic Partnership Fund

The OERA, as a research ‘enabler’, is uniquely positioned to facilitate and lead collaborative research initiatives for both the petroleum and renewables sectors.   As an enabler, the Association has always favoured project ideas that bring industry, academia and government together to collaborate.  This type of approach not only helps to address knowledge gaps common to all, as well, attracts financial leveraging available by partnering.  The leverage available from a multi-party partnering can significantly increase the scope and value of new research initiatives.  

 In 2015, the OERA introduced a program called the Industry Academic Partnership Fund (IAPF), as a new strategic initiative to encourage locally sourced collaborative research partnerships.  The program objectives are to:  increase research capacity and capability here in Nova Scotia and provide easier access to local HQP expertise for industry.  The longer term goal is to build a viable framework to complete research that contributes to advancing the offshore energy sector. 

 Using the IAPF framework, the OERA acts as the lead to solicit contributions from industry, government and research agencies to support ‘priority driven’ research projects.  The projects shall have modest budgets (~$100,000 over two years), whereby the proposed work is undertaken by local scientists and academics.  

 Other IAPF program features include:

  •  Funding pool target size on an annual basis is in the range of $500,000 (at maturity) with half this amount available every six months.
  • Grant awards are up to $50,000 per year for a maximum of two years. Researchers are expected (but not required) to seek leveraging opportunities from NSERC/others.
  • The level of funding will be sufficient to award 5-10 grants, or more, annually, depending on the size of grant awards and the number of research projects that are more than a year in length.
  • The IAPF is structured in a fashion to facilitate leverage from other federal granting programs such as NRC-IRAP, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada – Collaborative Research Development (NSERC-CRD) grants and MITACS.
  • Selection of proposals follows the standard RFP competitive process.

 For more information on the Industry-Academic Partnership Fund, please contact Nalani Perry, Operations Manager.