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Request for Proposals (RFP)

Using Dry Ports to Support Nova Scotia’s Tidal Energy

Deadline: Monday February 5, 2018; 4:00 pm AST


Q& A – Last updated January 30, 2018 [PDF]


The Nova Scotia Department of Energy (NSDOE) is committed to the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s tidal energy potential to the benefit of all its citizens.  Both the provincial and federal governments have in the past, and continue to make research and infrastructure investments to ensure the economic benefits of this emerging industry will be captured by Nova Scotia’s technology and service providers.

Past studies in the Bay of Fundy have suggested that both small and large scale project developers require a wet port for Operations and Maintenance (O&M).  However, fishers, tourist vessel operators, science researchers and gypsum shippers in the Bay of Fundy have learned to operate successfully out of dry ports.  It is likely that lessons learned by these vessel and port operators can be applied in the tidal energy sector.

Hantsport and Parrsboro, although dry, are both much closer to Minas Passage  than the nearest wet ports, and this proximity may provide significant cost savings (and lower risk) to offset operational difficulties and infrastructure shortcomings associated with dry ports.  What remains to be investigated is whether tidal energy developers can see the economic advantages of overcoming the technical deficiencies of operating from a dry port in closer proximity to their deployment sites.

Commissioned by the NSDOE, the OERA is seeking to contract a service provider (the Respondent).  The study would investigate the feasibility and economic implications of using Hantsport and Parrsboro to service the tidal industry in Nova Scotia, particularly during the O&M phase.  Since developers are not used to mobilizing from dry ports, the study would demonstrate the possibilities/opportunities regarding assembly, deployment, O&M, monitoring and retrieval.  This project would:

  • describe the activities that the developers themselves could undertake from nearby dry ports;
  • describe the economic and risk to project advantages offered by dry ports; and
  • identify and infrastructure upgrades (and order of magnitude costs) that might be needed for future consideration by the province.

The following timelines for the project are provided for guidance and are subject to change.

a)    RFP release date:                            Monday January 8, 2018

b)    Proposal due date:                           Monday February 5, 4 pm (Atlantic)

c)    Consultant selection:                        Week of February 12, 2018

d)    Project kickoff:                                  Within 2 weeks of consultant selection

e)    Project completion:                          June 30, 2018

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Rodrigo Menafra, Research Manager
Offshore Energy Research Association


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