OERA Funds Nova Scotia Student’s Research Travel

Posted on March 11th, in Offshore Energy, Tidal Energy.

PRESS RELEASE:  March 11, 2015

Halifax, NS – Offshore Energy Research Association (OERA) is pleased to announce that the OERA Student Research Travel Program has provided six Nova Scotia students the opportunity to build their international networks through travel to the USA, Ireland, and Bermuda to conduct their thesis research in the fields of marine renewable energy and offshore geosciences.  The February 2015 Student Research Travel Program award recipients are:

  • Dalhousie University in conjunction with Cape Breton University: Jordan Carlson, School for Resource and Environmental Studies, will be taking a tidal energy course at Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland and gain hands-on experience at Queen’s University’s small scale tidal energy lab and testing facility;
  • Acadia University: Laura MacNeil and Krista Kroeninger, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, will be undertaking an Advanced Field School at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences focusing on sedimentology, oceanography and diagenesis of carbonate sediments and rocks in Bermuda; and
  • Dalhousie University: Nathan Pidduck, Thomas Allen, and Devan Cowan, Department of Earth Sciences, will be undertaking an Advanced Field School in Southern Nevada and eastern California to develop expertise in structural geology, stratigraphy and geological mapping.

Dr. Peir Pufahl, Department of Earth & Environmental Science at Acadia University, and Professor of the Advanced Field School at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences praises the student opportunities, indicating that “The OERA Student Research Travel Program ensures students have access to state-of-the-art training opportunities that would otherwise not exist.  These opportunities are instrumental in shaping students into professional geoscientists while enriching the research ecosystem in the Maritimes.”

“The OERA Student Research Travel Program is a valuable asset that can offer students who are interested in building their international networks to conduct new and exciting research, or attend advanced field schools which has the potential to contribute to Nova Scotia’s offshore petroleum and emerging marine renewable energy sectors,” commented OERA Executive Director Stephen Dempsey. “We are extremely impressed by the quality of the student applications this year. The winning students demonstrate exceptional vision and skill as they research complex project areas.  Many of this year’s winners told us that entering the OERA Student Travel Program has validated their ambitions as they look to develop a career that uses their abilities to benefit Nova Scotia’s sustainable energy resources.  OERA believes industry has a responsibility to nurture new talent as the economy relies on new ideas to thrive.  To stay competitive in the global marketplace, the best way to do that is to support our finest young minds.  Their ideas will become the award winning work of the future.”

The Student Research Travel Program was established on the basis of cultivating collaborations between Nova Scotia researchers and Canadian and international research facilities or laboratories which leads back to the advancement of Nova Scotia’s offshore energy sector. The program is open to full-time senior honours and graduate students enrolled at a Nova Scotia based university, who are conducting research in the areas of marine renewable energy or offshore geosciences. OERA has two open calls a year at the end of February and October respectively.

The Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that funds and facilitates collaborative offshore energy and environmental research.  Their mission is to lead environmental, renewable and geoscience energy research that enables the sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s energy resources through strategic partnerships with academic, government and industry.  Since its establishment in 2006, the Association has invested over $30 million in research, funded by the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Energy.  For more information, please visit the OERA website at www.oera.ca