OERA Seeks Proposals for Community Based Research Projects Cape Breton Region

Press Release – July 8, 2013

HALIFAX, NS – OERA (Offshore Energy Research Association) is inviting applications from community based or not-for-profit organizations in the Cape Breton region to participate in an OERA established Participation Support Fund.  The purpose of the Participation Support Fund is to provide modest one time grants to local organizations or community groups to undertake small research initiatives that will support the Cape Breton Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) by adding information, a particular perspective or further value to the SEA.  The primary goal of the Cape Breton SEA process is to scope and understand the potential environmental effects that offshore wind, wave and in particular, in-stream tidal technologies, will have on the offshore and coastal environment for the Cape Breton region.

Awards will be made at the discretion of OERA for proposals in the following categories:

  • Initiatives that will bring new information to the SEA process through small locally-based research projects (maximum award $3,000); and
  • Initiatives that will bring views and ideas to the SEA process from stakeholders who might otherwise not participate (maximum award $500).

“It is very important to get as much community-based involvement in the Strategic Environmental Assessment process as possible,” said Stephen Dempsey, Executive Director of OERA.  “This program will provide a channel for not-for-profit organizations and community groups to facilitate the type of research we support but are not typically engaged in such efforts.  It allows us and others to build research from the community level up, as well as to unite efforts of communities and strengthen partnerships between these types of groups”.

Submissions for proposals are due on Friday, August 9th, 2013 by 4:00 pm AST.  For more information on how to apply, please visit our website at www.oera.ca

OERA is an independent, not-for-profit organization that funds and facilitates collaborative offshore energy and environmental research and development including examination of renewable energy resources and their interaction with the marine environment.  OERA’s mission is to lead environmental, renewable and geoscience energy research that enables the sustainable development of Nova Scotia energy resources through strategic partnerships with academia, government and industry.  OERA’s members are Acadia University, St. Francis Xavier University, Cape Breton University, Saint Mary’s University, Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.