OERA Webinar Series – Cox & Palmer

May 23, 2019 – 1:00 – 2:00 pm AST
Mohammad Ali Raza, Partner; Peter Zed, Partner; Matt Dorreen, Partner, Cox & Palmer – Halifax
Risk & Reward: Protecting Your Supply Chain, Your Interests and Your Investment

The growth of the Ocean Industry, like any other industry, is highly dependent on a vibrant, functional and reliable supply chain. With so much at stake, both suppliers and customers are increasingly taking steps to legally protect their interests and investments.

This webinar will discuss some of the important commercial and legal risks associated with supply arrangements and explore best practices to protect all parties involved with these agreements.

We’ll review:

• Payment terms
• Nature of relationship
• Liability, risk and indemnity
• Environmental liabilities
• Dispute settlement arrangements
• Intellectual property
• Insurance requirements
• Scope of work and change order mechanisms.
• Term and termination
• Force majeure


Those who participate in a supply chain, whether supplier, customer or both.


Mohammad Ali Raza, Partner
Cox & Palmer – Halifax
Mohammad Ali Raza advises clients on mergers, acquisitions and business structure and is engaged regularly by clients in the renewable energy, oil and gas, power, and ocean innovation sector. He has had the experience of working both in private practice and in-house in a number of jurisdictions in Asia, Middle-east and Europe.

Peter Zed, Partner
Cox & Palmer – Halifax
Peter advises corporate clients, institutions and owner managed enterprises on a broad range of commercial matters. Mergers and acquisitions is a particular focus of Peter’s practice.

Matt Dorreen, Partner
Cox & Palmer – Halifax
Matt acts for clients in all aspects of commercial real estate, financing and transactional matters. Matt also advises clients in the areas of environmental and natural resources law.

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