2017 Piston Coring GeoChemistry

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Martin Fowler, Applied Petroleum Technology

Start Date:      July 2017

End Date:       December 2018    

Confirmation of the presence of hydrocarbons from an oil-prone Jurassic age source rock will offer a huge encouragement to exploration in the deep water portion of Nova Scotia’s offshore. Positive identification of these hydrocarbon types in the sediments that cover bedrock would address one of the largest perceived risks regarding the presence of oil in this area.

In order to determine if hydrocarbons occur beneath the deep water Scotian Shelf, and in particular, if these hydrocarbons have a Jurassic age source rock, a geochemical approach will be applied. A series of geochemical analyses will be conducted on sediment samples retrieved from piston cores collected in a 2016 vessel survey of offshore Nova Scotia. In addition, the piston core samples will be supplemented by analyses of surface oil slick samples, should these slicks be present when coring occurs.

This work is an extension to the 2015 and 2016 Piston Core Program and also forms part of the Microbial Genomics project. The Piston Core Geochemistry Project involves sample collection aboard the survey vessel, laboratory analyses, data interpretation, integration and reporting.


Final Report [PDF]