Advanced Coastal Mapping to Support Hydrodynamic Modelling (Geo) – PHASE 2

Principal Investigator:

Tim Webster, Nova Scotia Community College, Applied Geomatics Group

Start Date:      September 2017

End Date:        June 2018

The first project to be developed under OERA’s Industry Academic Partnership Fund (IAPF) was entitled Advanced Coastal Mapping to Support Hydrodynamic Modelling, initiated in February 2016 by Dr. Tim Webster at the NSCC. Following discussions with CAPP and with the support of the Department of Energy and the CNSOPB, industry participants BP and Shell agreed with OERA to jointly fund this innovative application of LIDAR mapping coupled to hydrodynamic modelling. The NSCC-led project, in association with the Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC), aims to improve spill response planning and reaction in coastal environments.

Phase II will further test the applicability of LIDAR and hydrodynamic modelling as a predictive tool, building upon the Phase I work completed in Cow Bay but examining a much larger area with a more complex shoreline in the Lockport / Little Harbour area of Nova Scotia’s south shore. The results of Phase II will be reported in early 2018.