Archiving 2-D and 3-D Seismic Data Sets

Principal Investigators:

Kelman Technologies

Start Date:       2007

End Date:       2008

In 2007-2008 Kelman Technologies Inc. archived the Scotian Shelf 2-D and the Penobscot 3-D seismic datasets as well as to reprocessed the Penobscot 3-D dataset, acquired just north of Sable Island along the northern portion of the Jurassic Age carbonate bank. In July 2008, Kelman Technologies Inc. completed the reprocessing of an additional 695 km of 2-D data.

These digital datasets are the first that are available in offshore Nova Scotia for free that can be loaded and fully interpreted on a geophysical workstation. Both datasets are reprocessed using modern day algorithms. The field data is also archived so that as new processing algorithms become available, the data can be continuously enhanced and allows for any specialized processing to be done.

This data is important to industry to evaluate new exploration opportunities as well as to the educational & research institutions that can use it as a research and teaching tool.

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