Central Scotian Slope Project

Principal Investigator:

Laurent Cuile, Beicip Franlab

Start Date:      January 2016

End Date:       August 2016

The geoscience research program entitled “2016 Call for Bids Area including Sable Island” is currently underway, expanding the 2011 Play Fairway Analysis into deeper water and laying the geological and geochemical groundwork for the upcoming 2017 call area, the Sydney Basin.

The core of the 2016 program is the Central Scotian Slope Project currently being undertaken by Beicip Franlab in the area around Sable Island.  The objectives of this project are:

  1. To perform an integrated 3D basin modelling analysis at a semi-regional scale in order to assess the timing of maturation of source rocks, transformation ratios, hydrocarbon entrapment, prospective areas and potential plays;
  2. To reinterpret seismic data regarding the J150 surface and overlying K137 horizon; and
  3. To identify and technically evaluate any significant exploration leads and prospects in the area of interest.

This work also integrates geochemistry completed in 2015-16 by Dr. Martin Fowler at Applied Petroleum Technologies (APT) and analyses of sediment samples collected during the 2015 Piston Core Program.