Development of Marginal Fields in Offshore Nova Scotia – Phase 1 & 2

Principal Investigator:

Cameron Dunn, Martec Limited

Start Date:       June 2009

End Date:        June 2010

The reduction in cost of a marginal development is largely attributed to the potential reduction in size of the offshore installation. These types of installations are referred to as ‘minimal platforms’. Minimal platforms may reduce the cost of the facility in a number of ways, including:

• Reduction in steel weight;

• Simplified fabrication methods; and

• Elimination of Heavy Lift Vessels (HLV).

Phase 1 focused on investigating the known types of minimal platforms and their suitability for use in the harsh environment offshore Nova Scotia.

Phase 2 of this study has used the Phase 1 minimal platforms, in concert with production studies, operational and fabrication requirements, and a collection of both existing infrastructure and potentially new infrastructure to determine the cost impact of developing the Nova Scotia marginal fields. To achieve this goal, a cost estimation tool, the Sable Offshore Minimum Infrastructure Tool (SOMIT), will be developed to provide an estimate of the cost of infrastructure required to develop the marginal SDA’s of the Nova Scotian Offshore.


Development of Marginal Fields for Offshore Nova Scotia – Phase 2 of 2 – Final Report [PDF]