Extensional tectonics across the northern Nova Scotia margin from ocean bottom seismic data

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Mladen Nedimovic, Dalhousie University

Start Date:      April 2015

End Date:       July 2017

The project proposes to analyze two wide-angle refraction/reflection ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) profiles, OETR and OCTOPUS, that were recently collected offshore north-central Nova Scotia. The results will provide important detailed information within the targeted area regarding the location and geometry of deep source rock basins, crystalline basement, Moho, and uppermost mantle, all of which are critical for understanding the early rifting history of the northern Nova Scotia margin. Deep source rock basins are the key target of the ongoing Play Fairway Analysis II.  This program will utilize state-of-art Dalhousie Imaging Facility (DIG) in Halifax, will help retain critically important local expertise in seismic data analysis, and will de-risk petroleum exploration offshore Nova Scotia.


Final Report [PDF]