Integrated Analyses of the OETR and MIRROR Seismic Lines

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Mladen Nedimovic, Dalhousie University

Start Date:      July 2017

End Date:       April 2018

Dalhousie University Associate Professor Mladen Nedimovic has been working on a research project entitled Extensional Tectonics across the Northern Nova Scotia Margin from Ocean Bottom Seismic Data. This third year of work will complete his analysis of the OETR and OCTOPUS seismic lines collected from offshore Nova Scotia, and integrate the MIRROR I refraction line from offshore Morocco to allow comparison of the Nova Scotia and Morocco conjugate margins using wide-angle refraction / reflection ocean bottom seismometer profiles.

With respect to on-going work, Dr. Nedimovic in consultation with Dr. Matt Luheshi (a subject matter expert engaged by the DOE), noted interesting implications of the modelling work undertaken for the Play Fairway Analysis. Following discussions with DOE, it was agreed that additional effort to further test the model along the continental shelf is needed. This will be done through ‘sensitivity testing’ of the velocity inversion model, a process expected to require 4-6 months.

With respect to the Morocco conjugate margin, Dr. Nedimovic’s initial analysis of the MIRROR seismic refraction line indicated that the geological structure extracted from the data was incomplete. Dr. Nedimovic’s team will reprocess the MIRROR wide-angle ocean bottom seismometer profile to extract more details information. Additional analysis of the MIRROR line will be followed by joint interpretation of the OETR (Nova Scotia) – MIRROR (Morocco) conjugate margins.