Source rock and geochemistry of the Central Atlantic Margins

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Grant Wach and Dr. Ricardo Silva, Dalhousie University

Start Date:      September 2014

End Date:       August 2017

This project will evaluate known, probable and possible source rocks in the Nova Scotia shelf and deep water offshore areas. with an emphasis in the Triassic– Jurassic time interval. It will be supported by an evaluation and re-analysis of the existing and available organic geochemistry dataset, but will also include the observation and novel geochemical study of selected cores and cuttings, and integration with known time-equivalent source rock outcrops in Canada and conjugate margins, namely Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. The proposed research will use publically available data from reference works and the BASIN database [well data, biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Rock-Eval Pyrolysis] and the information donated to the Basin and Reservoir Lab. Selected wells will also be sampled to acquire new sedimentological, biostratigraphical and geochemical information.


Final Report