Feasibility of a Marine Vibroseis System to Minimize Potential Impacts of Seismic Surveying on Commercial Marine Invertebrates

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Chris Purcell, Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC)

Start Date: May 2010

End Date: May 2011

Marine vibroseis seismic sources offer an alternative to marine airgun seismic sources. However, there are problems with marine vibroseis sources that must be solved before marine vibroseis can be accepted as a global production seismic source. This project built on the approach and findings of previous studies, constructed a hypothesis and design (but not conduct) experiments to establish if the potential impacts on commercial marine invertebrates species particularly snow crab, would be reduced by replacing the airgun with a marine virbroseis source with lower peak intensity than the airgun, but a longer pulse length.  The project established specifications for a marine vibroseis source that could replace the airgun and investigated the feasibility of using the Modular Projector System as a marine vibroseis source to replace the airgun.