Real-time Particle Acceleration/Particle Velocity (PA/PV) measurement system evaluation in a tidal environment

Principal Investigator:

Mr. John Moloney, JASCO Applied Sciences

Start Date: February 2017

End Date: December 2018

The research objective for this project is to design and run a field experiment to test the performance of the Particle Acceleration/Particle Velocity (PA/PV) vector sensor. The PA/PV sensor holds promise as a new environmental acoustics technology for taking noise measurements of marine life (cetaceans, crustaceans and possibly invertebrates) in a tidal environment. For this project, a PA/PV sensor will be deployed in the Minas Channel. Acoustic measurements will be taken for the PA/PV sensor together traditional hydrophone data collection for comparison and performance evaluation. The idea is to test the PA/PV sensor’s utility as a viable technology to take acoustic measurements in near real time, and in recording direction (bearing) of an acoustic noise source.


Final Report [PDF]