Real-time, targeted imagine of turbine-marine life interactions

Principal Investigators:

Dan Wellwood, OpenSeas Instrumentation Inc.

Start Date: March 2017

End Date: March 2019

The research goal is to re-design and validate a dynamic mount to improve targeted real-time imaging of marine life in the near-field zone of a tidal turbine.  The adjustable mount will enable imaging sensors to be aimed directly facing the tidal turbine.  The current practice has been to mount imaging sensors on the turbine and/or supporting structure and hence, aimed away from the blade face.  Research success here will mean a significant breakthrough for the sector, allowing for high resolution multi-perspective imaging data to be collected in and around the turbine for environmental monitoring purposes.

The research scope is to work closely with FORCE to redesign an (existing) dynamic mount and integrate on FORCE’s FAST-2 cabled sensor platform.  Additionally, the FAST-2 platform will be ruggedized to accommodate the dynamic mount and better withstand the harsh and turbulent flows of the Bay of Fundy.   Field trials and a demonstration test are also part of the work plan.


Final Report [PDF]